Known for their outstanding quality of life, residents in the Houston-Galveston Metropolitan Area are fortunate to have access to some of the top educational and medical institutions in the nation. Their lives are also culturally enriched thanks to a vibrant, diverse ethnic population that greatly contributes to Texas’s artistic, tourism and economic markets. Above all, residents offer a one-of-a-kind Texas charm and welcome every visitor with their well-known Southern hospitality, which is why The Star Of Texas Regional Center so greatly believes in the success of its future investments.

Source:, Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau


A thriving multi-cultural city, Houston embraces diversity and is composed of a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds, with over 90 languages spoken throughout the city and 91 countries represented in consular offices. Over 51% of its residents are from south of the United States-Mexico border, in addition to the growing Asian population (more than 1/5 foreign born residents are from Asia).


Houston is also known for its educational opportunities that span 17 school districts (which include public, private and charter institutions). With over 143 colleges and universities across the state (60 in Houston), Texas graduates are building the incredible workforce that lead the nation and world in research and development. In fact, Houston’s Rice University was rated as having the "Highest Quality of Life Among Students" by the Princeton Review. Moreover, the University of Houston with a student population of over 35,000 is becoming a tier-one Texas university.

The Lone Star state continues to encourage graduates to stay one step ahead of the world’s curve, with their Texas Enterprise Fund and Texas Emerging Technology Fund that foster groundbreaking discoveries and growth.


Houston and Galveston residents greatly value their health and are fortunate to have access to The University of Texas Medical Branch, which boasts over 47 research and health care institutions including 17 hospitals (the largest medical center complex in the world), employing over 76,000 health care professional treating 5 million patients a year. In addition, Houston's is well known for specific treatment centers, such the MD Anderson Cancer Center, rated by US News & World Report as the #1 cancer treatment facility in United States.

It is easy to see why Texas residents, particularly those in the Houston-Galveston Metropolitan Area, celebrate their nationally recognized quality of life as they continue to enjoy and build their thriving community.


COLI Data Source: ACCRA Cost of Living Index - 2008 Annual Average


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