Our funds are inherently structured around a conservative investment philosophy centered on three investment and job creation categories of a) manufacturing & technology, b) real estate and c) infrastructure. By combining these three different project types, we enhance the investment safety as well as optimize job creation through a Diversity of Projects business plan that reduces the risk while optimizing job creations.


Safety and ROI are two very important project covenants and goals for investors. - The investments will be made in the form of Senior Preferred Equity, with standard redemption rights and a liquidation plan beginning 1/1/2016. The investment will be repaid through several options depending on the various investment platforms, for instance: - Investment can be reduced/repaid by project’s cash flow/distributions - Investment can be repaid through liquidation, either by sales of business or refinance businesses using new debt - Another option will be to secure the investments with a fee simple deed to beach front real estate(ie. If directly related to the same real estate project) that could appreciate in value over the life of the investment


Investors will be paid a 3% coupon on their investment. The project investments will be made in the form of Senior Preferred Equity, with standard redemption rights and a liquidation plan beginning 1/1/2016.


Job creation is critical to the projects success. The project strategy has been designed to enhance job creations through the combination of manufacturing, infrastructure, hospitality services and high tech/high demand businesses that creations require low capitalization and throw off maximum number of jobs. Moreover all of our econometrics shows a minimum of 120%+ job creations.


A synergistic management team has been assembled with each member with full time commitment from complimentary fields of construction/building, real estate development, sales & marketing, private equity fund management, financial planning, manufacturing, securities and accounting. Each and every business that the funds invest into will have direct oversight from the fund managers, thereby ensuring that the investment goals are achieved.


TEXAS is # 1 for business growth and the best place to start new businesses! 50% of all new job formations in the U.S. are made in TEXAS. What better place than TEXAS to lead the economic growth of the United States!


Investment Opportunities

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